An area where your shipments and customers can be stored and managed.

We offer multiple forms of payment on delivery which includes collecting cash up to $1000, debit and credit card.

Money collected can be transfered by request.

We have a tracking system that allows you to track packages as well as make updates to delivery Track Package.

We have insurance available for your items. Your items are safe with us.

Updates about packages are sent to your phone via whatsapp as it happens.

We have a number of packages and delivery options available to suit your business needs.

We have developed a delivery API to allow smooth seemless shipment creation Learn more.

We have a wordpress plugin available for merchants who have a wordpress woocommerce website


One of the best and fastest local couriers in the country. Pickups are created and tracked efficiently via their website as well all orders/jobs are pending payments are in real time. All payments are issued Sunday or Monday to our business account and mainly their staff and drivers are very friendly and courteuous. 10/10 Recommended!

Preppy Kids - CEO

I have tried out many courier companies to deliver my packages in the past but nothing compares to Odeliver. They are extremely professional, accommodating and care for the business owner way beyond their delivery service. Odeliver even coordinate information via the whatsapp group with other business owners and we share information which has helped me take my business to another level. This experience is truly invaluable and I thank Odeliver for being such a wonderful delivery company that met and exceeded my expectations. Keep up the great work!

Lee and the Tedivina

I have been doing business with ODELIVER for almost two (2) years  and I must say I am absolutely satisfied with all the services provided by them. From "pick ups" straight to "payment processing" , I have never had one issue with them. Their merchant payment processing is always on time and accurate. Thanks ODELIVER, for your reliable service. You are my #1 courier company.

Ishana's Elegant Fashion

I was a bit worried at first if my orders would be delivered to my customers and if payment would be sent to my account on time as specified by Odeliver. I must say my customers and myself do love their service and my payment is always on time. Receipt email to me on a Sunday and money is in my account by Monday. Great service keep it up.

Renas Cute and Comfy

Hii, I can say that Odeliver is the best there is. Great job in that aspect! with regards to payment remittance, an important factor when choosing a courier service. The timing is impeccable, like clockwork. I have never experienced any issues. I have tried 6 different companies and I have had issues such as late remittances, no payments (actual loss), money sent to the wrong account. Never with Odeliver, not once, even at the start, actually amazing!!


“I’ve been using Odeliver for approximately 2 months and I’m in awe of the service that they provide. From using a previous service which had me on edge, worrying of my clients received their items on time or at all was really stressful for me. Odeliver is my happily ever after fairy tale Courier Service. Why? Because their customer service is immaculate. Delivery is fast. Their platform is professionally constructed and is easy maneuver and their platform support is out this world. Would definitely recommend to all my entrepreneur friends and to anyone in need of a courier service.”

3 Zees Clothing

I have been looking for a courier services since I was in the process of Launching my online store. I Have tried other shipping companies, sadly I was disappointed. Odeliver is a diamond in the dust. They are so reliable and professional. Their customer service is everything. I will definitely recommend them.

Kingdom Apparel

From the inception of the organization, I've been using Odeliver as my #1 choice to have my packages delivered nationwide and in Tobago. As a merchant, some of the fundamental markers for entrusting someone with your products ranges from trustworthiness, professionalism on a B2B and B2C level, reliability and financial prudence. For me, Odeliver certainly satisfy those expectations.

ODELIVER has always manage to maintain a consistent and timely payment cycle without hiccups and I think that's commendable, but what I really love is the facility to easily track all outstanding payment and all other relevant information on their merchant dashboard. For me that speaks volumes of transparency and professionalism.

What's even better is their recent introduction of the "request payment" option so that I can access payment sooner if the need arises. Kudos to the odeliver team. Keep up the great work.


Delivery Packages

Standard Starting/ $30.00

  • Urban rate $30
  • Rural rate $40
  • Tobago rate $55
  • Cash Back on every delivery
  • Same Day delivery
  • 24hr remittance
  • 3% surcharge for COD
  • Weekly Transfers
  • Free personalised account to manage orders
  • Real time shipment updated through whatsapp

Corporate Starting/ $35.00

  • Urban rate $35
  • Rural rate $45
  • Tobago rate $60
  • Cash Back on every delivery
  • Same Day delivery
  • 24hr remittance
  • NO surchage on COD
  • Free Weekly Transfers
  • Free personalised account to manage orders
  • Real time shipment updates through whatsapp

Bundles Starting/ $925

  • Flat rate for Nationwide
  • Different Bundles available
  • NO surchage on COD

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