Odeliver API 1.0

The launch of this API is a true game changer. It was developed by 100% young local T&T talent and has been designed for integration with any website.


Why use our API

Our delivery API was developed to collect and give information at the most basic level making it extremely flexible and customizable to and type of website.

Since APIs significantly reduces the upload intensive effort of creating shipments, using them to create shipments is a great way of reducing costs.

Another key benefit of APIs is that they enable businesses to supercharge innovation. In today’s digital age, more than ever, innovation plays a significant role in the success of organizations.

Our API allows deliveries to automatically generated when the customer makes a purcahase on your website, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

By leveraging APIs’ capabilities, businesses can create new and effective ways of interacting with customers, especially in the current digital age when consumers demand top-notch experiences.

If you expose functionalities via an API, you can charge users (or use a revenue-sharing formula to pay them) for consuming it. It’s what you need to mine your services and data for gold and increase your organization’s profits.


Powerful infrastructure

As the demand for modern software continues to rise, businesses are looking for quick ways of creating and delivering products. APIs offer a powerful mechanism for faster turnover. With APIs, businesses can quickly implement existing systems instead for creating solutions manually.

Versioning - Odeliver Api uses a versioning technique which involves the production of different upgraded models of the same product, which can be integrated when the user chooses to do so, therefore new featues can be added without disturbing current models which can hamper your business.


Built for high volume senders

Private, or internal, APIs can improve collaboration and internal communication within an enterprise. APIs’ core functionality is connectivity—they enable different systems, applications, and platforms to connect and share data with one another and perform varied types of functions.

APIs act as the glue that enables these otherwise disconnected software solutions—such as those for customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and financial services—to stick to each other and interact with ease.

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