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Designed for businessess with low priced products

3% Service charge on COD

Urban $30.00

  • Alyce Glen
  • Aranguez
  • Arena
  • Arima
  • Arouca
  • Bagatelle Village

Rural $40.00

  • Acono
  • Apex Oil Field
  • Arima Heights - Temple street
  • Aripero
  • Avocat
  • Barrackpore

Extended $50.00

  • Agostini Village
  • Basse Terre
  • Beach Camp
  • Bennet Village
  • Bois Bough
  • Bon Jean

Remote $60.00

  • Anglais Settlement
  • Balandra
  • Bamboo Village (Point Fortin)
  • Biche
  • Brooklyn Settlement
  • Canque


  • Trinidad ... Tobago - $55



Merchant Dashboard

Autofill options
Easy to use
Modern Layout


$925 - 25 Deliveries
$1750 - 50 Deliveries
$3300 - 1000 Deliveries

Request Payment

Request payment button allows you to request available balance at anytime.

Transfer made within 24hrs


Online Payments

Purchase Bundles
Pay for deliveries
Transfer Money


Track packages
Update delivery information
Change delivery dates

Print Label

We print label and connect it to your package by request




Packages up to $500 are insured
Optional insurance for items over $500

Multiple Pay Options

We offer payment via Cash, Debit, Credit Card and payment link

Real Time Updates

Status of packages
Via Whatsapp Msg

Same Day Delivery

Priority shipping
Urban Areas only

Frequently asked questions

Is there a pickup fee?

No, there is no pickup fee for collections in urban areas, but there is a pick fee for collections in rural, remote, or extended areas for less than 3 packages.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

Yes, we collect cash on delivery once it is $1000 or less, we also accept credit card and debit card.

What is the cutoff time for pickups?

All packages put in before 8 am are collected on the same day all other packages are collected the next day.

What are the weight and size requirements of packages you collect?

Any package that can be comfortably carried by 1 individual we can deliver.

Do y'all transport perishable items?

No. We do not transport perishable items in standard delivery.

What is the delivery time like?

All packages being delivered to urban areas are delivered by the next day. Rural and urban areas have set days for delivery.

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